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Whom should I send the Cheques or the Money Order or the Demand Draft too?
Cheques or the Money Order or the Demand Draft should be made out to:

Name - Fashion Jewelry
Address -
#6/5, 'E' No. 2nd Street,
Jewellers Street Cross, Near Commercial Street,
Bengaluru - 560001

You can use this option for Money Order and Demand Draft transfers too. Please make sure the payee name is 'Fashion Jewelry'. Personal and business cheques will be held for up to 10 business days to ensure the payment clears before an order is shipped.

Can Non-Indian customers pay through Western Union/ Money gram?
Yes. You can select "Banker's Cheque or Money order" in Checkout for the details to send Money via Western Union/ Money gram. For currency value, the total amount of your products(in Indian Rupee) can be checked with the value at to its equivalent worth in your currency. The same amount can be sent.
NOTE: The actual value at at the checkout time is the value that will be considered for full payment on receipt.

White Stones are made from?
White Stones of all products are American Diamonds.

Colour stones are which type?
Colour stones are semi-precious stones.

Is Pearl original?
Pearl of all products is not original. Pearl used is Synthetic-Pearl

Is Jade or Coral original?
Yes. Jade and Coral of all products is original.

Which metal/ plating is the gold colour/ texture?
Gold colour/ texture is of Brass as base metal with 23.4 carat micro gold plating.

Which metal/ plating is the silver colour/ texture?
Silver colour/ texture is of Rhodium plating.

Ideal weather conditions for product's longer life?
Care should be taken to avoid extreme weather conditions on any of the products. Product is liable to loose color/ texture usually rendering it to dark colour in extreme weather conditions.

How to maintain for longer life?
a) Avoid extreme weather conditions.
b) Avoid sweat on products.
for your product to be as good as new for long.

Do we offer warranty/ guarantee?
Currently we do not offer any warranty/ guarantee on any of the products.

Do we offer Discounts?
Yes. We surely do offer Discounts. For Order Total of Rs. 5000/- or more, there is a 5% discount on Order Total. This discount is excluding the shipping charges.

How can I send a gift?
It is simple. Just 'add to cart' the products you like to gift. In the 'Checkout' page, Under 'Delivery information' you can give the Giftee's address details.

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